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June 24- July 12, 2020

Movement and Expression

"You can't solve a problem with the same process that created it."  Paraphrased from Einstein

"The secret to acting is soft feet."  Attributed to Olivier

As performing artists, we need a body capable of expression.  This means the ability to respond to the slightest impulse with a clear intention. If our bodies are to be able to resonate with our thoughts, feelings, and actions, our movements and gestures must be balanced, have an economy of force, and flow, unencumbered, through the entire body.

Through lighthearted yet serious work, participants will... 

  • Develop an understanding of movement fundamentals.

  • Clarify the mental picture of their anatomy.

  • Explore how they move.

  • Explore gesture.

  • Increase capacity for their expression.

This is accomplished through use of digital video analysis, a skeleton, some pictures, an anatomy book, a computer, and...your body.

Jerry Schwiebert teaches Movement and Expression.