Next Retreat:

June 30- July 18, 2021


The Conductors Retreat at Medomak offers conducting coaching, instruction, and experience with a professional, resident string quintet and pianist.  This is followed by the opportunity to rehearse and perform with a full, professional orchestra.  The participants are divided into three equal groups. As most class days have two conducting sessions, each participant conducts in two out of three sessions. This affords the time to concentrate on aural skills, movement, preparation and score-study. 

These sessions offer attention to specific, individual needs, and the opportunity to apply concepts learned in other facets of the Retreat. The goal is not to collect minutes of podium time. Neither is the goal to work exclusively on technique; nor to only conduct through works. There is clear and specific purpose and direction, and there is follow-through from one session to another over the duration of the Retreat.

The work focuses on...

  • Crystallizing and communicating musical ideas, such as structure and phrasing, line and articulation, style, tone-color, and affect.
  • Becoming resonant with the music, then expressing that resonance.
  • Making the knowledge gained in score-study audible and tangible.
  • Leading others in effective and efficient rehearsals where the goal is greater than being effective and efficient.
  • Alleviating physical and mental inhibitors to communication and expression.
  • Developing technique that is clear, fluid, expressive, and specific.
  • Learning to share leadership, which empowers individuals and the group.

Kenneth Kiesler is the principal conducting teacher. Private coaching is offered by Adrian Slywotzky.   Elinor Morin provides additional coaching.