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June 24- July 12, 2020

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There is a difference.


The Conductors Retreat at Medomak is a singular place where you can...  
  • Find new perspectives and skills in score-study, invest time studying the music, learn important repertoire and gain deeper understanding.
  • Discover new ways to free your body of tension and become more expressive.
  • Advance your aural skills, score-reading, conducting technique and rehearsal skills.
  • Gain podium experience conducting professional musicians.
  • Experience a holistic, personal, individual approach to mentoring and teaching.
  • Explore a wide spectrum of conducting issues, skills and perspectives. 
  • Develop constructive personal leadership attributes.
  • Focus on the art and the craft of conducting, the music, the people, and service to the community.
  • Find exciting new perspectives and ideas among new colleagues and experienced, inspiring faculty.
  • Benefit from the physical space and time to be alone and contemplative.
  • Live, learn, and work within a community committed to a philosophy of non-competitiveness. 
  • Reap rewards from the interconnection of personal growth with conducting growth.  
  • Live and learn in an environment where conductors at all stages can both benefit and contribute. 
  • Be assured that mentoring, teaching and learning are honored.
  • Synthesize score-study, aural skills, movement and physical expression.
  • Practice conducting that is specific, expressive, and resonant with who you are as an artist and individual.


 Tuition for participants includes:
  • Conducting instruction during sessions with resident string quintet and piano.
  • Conducting a full, professional orchestra in rehearsal and a public concert.
  • Group score-study sessions and a private, individual coaching.
  • Small-group aural skills sessions and a private, individual coaching.
  • Small-group movement & expression sessions, and individual coaching.
  • Group technique-work and private, individual coaching.
  • Additional presentations, discussions and lectures.
  • Digital video provided at every podium session, all rehearsals and concert.