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June 30- July 18, 2021

Alexander Technique

The Alexander Technique is an educational method that improves mobility, posture, performance, alertness, and can provide relief from chronic stiffness, tension, and stress. In lessons, you learn to recognize the unwanted and unnecessary muscular tension your body has accumulated over your lifetime by identifying the postural habits that aggravate – or even cause – your discomforts.

The first step is learning how to re-establish the natural relationships of the neck, head, and back. This profoundly affects posture, breathing, balance, and coordination. You gradually learn how to move through your daily life with less effort and greater ease. Many people talk of feeling a new sense of “lightness” as their bodies return to the movements that are natural to the body’s structure.

The Alexander Technique is suitable for people of all ages and abilities and can provide benefit to all activities of daily life and chosen pursuits. It is especially valuable for musicians, dancers, athletes and actors.


Alexander Technique at the Conductors Retreat at Medomak:

Small classes are held daily for all participating conductors.  The basic principles and practical tools of the Alexander Technique will be explored through gentle hands-on guided movement and discussion.

Topics/Questions that we will explore include:

  • Juggling the balance between muscular support and freedom to move
  • Resisting gravity without stiffening
  • Being “grounded” and “light” simultaneously
  • How to prevent excessive tension while conducting
  • How to develop fluidity in arm and hand gestures
  • Strategies for coping with nerves and the resultant over-tension that often occurs
  • Finding and renewing the inner balance of the conductor
  • Basic functional anatomy will be included to cultivate greater understanding of how we work
  • “Thinking” in activity
  • Conscious awareness of oneself

Emphasis will be given to the inter-relatedness of mind and body.

For more information about the Alexander Technique, visit The American Society for the Alexander Technique website:

Elinore Morin teaches Alexander Technique